November 7, 2022 – In June of this year, a total of 36 companies were selected, which in nine new regions (including the Czech Republic and the capital city of Prague) were given the opportunity to implement their experiments with a subsidy from the BOWI project in the amount of €60,000. At the end of October, three ongoing Czech experiments were successfully evaluated and one new experiment was accepted.

CzechInno and its home Hub for Digital Innovations are supporting the implementation of four exceptional experiments with the implementation of digital innovations in everyday life with financial subsidies and expert and administrative support: one of them is aimed at the construction industry, two at the healthcare industry, and one deals with elements of smart production. Support for these projects is provided by the European project BOWI – Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs, which is implemented as part of the European research and development program Horizon 2020.

The four selected Czech companies with unique experiments include Amitia, s.r.o., whose Advanced Production Scheduling based on Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL-APS) system focuses on smart production planning with the help of agents with artificial intelligence, and Červenka Consulting, s.r.o., whose the Cloud Based Application for Simulation of 3D Printing of Concrete (Cloud4CP) system focuses on progress in smart construction through the use of planning software working with digital twin technology in combination with the subsequent 3D printing of concrete structures, last but not least the company Principal engineering, s.r.o., which with its Preeclampsia Intelligent Prevention For Pregnant Women (PENELOPE) system, with the help of monitoring of women in labor and 24/7 supervision of artificial intelligence, it aims to reliably predict the onset, diagnose and monitor the progress of the diagnosis of preeclampsia in pregnant women and thereby combat its negative consequences for mothers and their unborn children and also the company Virtual Lab, s.r.o., which, as part of the IA & VR ICU Training Simulator experiment, combines the technology of virtual reality, digital twins, and a virtual diagnostic and operating assistant with artificial intelligence in training the interventions of medical personnel in intensive care units.

All four experiments have successfully passed the first phase of their implementation, i.e. hardware tests, data collection and their initial evaluation, and are now facing the phase of verifying the functionality of completely new combinations of digital technologies in practice. The experiments will last until March of next year, and at their conclusion we will have the results of verifying the suitability of the proposed concepts for use in practice and – in the case of positive results – brand new products and services ready for use on the market.

At the beginning of its implementation in 2020, a total of 11 renowned organizations from various European countries were partners of the project. From 2021, another 9 partners of the extended network, including the Digital Innovations Hub, whose coordinator is the CzechInno association, joined the project implementation.

Tereza Šamanová, coordinator of the implementation of the BOWI project at the Digital Innovations Hub ( will provide more information on the experiments and contacts for the researchers.