Festival event to support successful digital transformation of Czech business and society

Online at:, 27 January 2021



8:30 – 9:00

Opening of the stream and videoconference

9:00 – 9:25

Opening speeches

Opening word by the host of the event:

Petr Hladík, Coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network Czech Republic, Technology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Opening speeches by the representatives of the Czech Government and of the European Commission:

Karel Havlíček, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Czech Republic with gestion for state economy, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Vladimír Dzurilla, Governmental Chargé for IT and Digitalisation, Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and NAKIT

Yves Paindaveine, Head of Sector Digitising European Industry Governance, European Commission, DG CONNECT

9:25 – 9:45

Debate of the opening speakers dedicated to Digital Transformation of Czechn Entrepreneurship and Public Sphere

9:45 – 11:00

Expert programming Block (Re)Sources and Processes (needed for a successful digital transformation)

·        Digitalization as an immanent element of recovery of the economies and societies after the Covid crisis

·        Stimulations for development and implementation of digital innovations

·        People, technologies and their interactions as the basis of digital transformation

Petr Očko, Deputy Minister for Technology Section 4.0, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic: Digital Europe Programme, new RIS3 strategy, state support

Anna Tůmová, Communications and Marketing Director of České Radiokomunikace: The Future of Networks and the Internet (of Things) in the Public and Private Sphere

Roland Sommer, Executive Director of Platform Industrie 4.0 Österreich: The future of the Industrial Internet of Things and the Austrian Path of digital transformation

Marc Dönges, BVMW and Competenzcetrum 4.0 Berlin: German SMEs and their Way of Digital Transformation

Steven Dehlan, ARIC Association and Hamburg Digital Innovation Hub: Let the Data Do the Decisions – Prospectives of Digital Transformation Using AI Elements

11:00 – 11:10

Summarizing remarks

Jiří Holoubek, Member of the Research, Development and Innovation Council of the Czech Government, President of the Electric and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic and Member of the Board of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic with gestion for Industry 4.0 and SMEs: Current situation and future mission of Czech Industry 4.0 and digital transformation of the Czech entrepreneurship

11:10 – 11:40

Vision of the Future: Future of the Digital Economy and Society

Prof. Peter Staněk, Economist, Previewer and Visionary, Slovak Academy of Sciences: Vision of the Digital Economy and Society in the Post-Covid Era

11:40 – 13:00


13:00 – 14:00

European Digital Innovation Hubs – efficient tool to help successful digital transformation of SMEs and public sphere

·        Overview of the activities of Czech candidates for European Digital Innovation Hubs

·        Offer of services for sharing technologies, infrastructures and services needed for the digital transformation of SMEs and public sector

·        Technological, regional and sectorial focus of the individual Hubs

·        Grant projects, commercial and pro bono activities

·        Cross-border and international cooperation

Introduction to the topic – European Digital Innovation Hubs and their position in the EU programms and projects

Elena Angiolini, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Tereza Šamanová, CzechInno, Ambassador of the DIHNET.EU Project in the Czech Republic

Individual introduction of the Czech EDIH Candidates

BRAIN FOR INDUSTRY (leader: Institute of Physics Czech Academy of Sciences)

CYBERSECURITY INNOVATION HUB (leader: CyberSecurity Hub, z.ú.)

DIH NORTHERN AND EASTERN BOHEMIA (leader: Regional Development Agency, s.r.o.)

EDIH ČVUT (leader: Czech Technical University in Prague)

EDIH DIGIMAT (leader: Intemac Solutions, s.r.o.)

EDIH OSTRAVA (leader: Technical University in Ostrava)


Final remarks and closure of the event


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As part of this year's program, we will, among other things, bring new experiences and good practices from Europe, summarize findings and experiences from the regional series Digital Transformation 2020 and present all Czech digital innovation hubs exclusively in one place.

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  • You can look forward to very interesting lectures, workshops, exclusive discussions on new tips in the area of this year’s six program blocks Resources – People – Investments – Trade and Marketing – Consulting and this year a new special festival section is Law and Security.
  • You will learn how to improve certain areas of your business for free or at low cost
  • You will gain new knowledge, experience and see in practice innovative procedures and solutions that have proven successful abroad
  • You will establish and get to know new business contacts
  • Information on current examples of good practice from dynamic and foreign companies
  • Presentation of successful companies in the field of smart and digital business
  • Interesting networking environment for business opportunities

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