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We are a unique platform for the presentation of innovations, which enables direct contact between companies and institutions in order to present themselves and intensively establish new business contacts with partners at one time and in one place.

Are you looking for new opportunities for your development and do you have your own smart solution for the needs of other entrepreneurs?

Are you interested in gaining new clients and business partners who are leaders and visionaries in their fields?

That is why we have prepared this Festival of Smart Solutions with an interesting form of presentation of your company!


  • Take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation as a way out of the Covid crisis!

  • Get information about the news and smart solutions to the crisis across disciplines.

  • You will find how to improve certain areas of your business for free or at a low cost.

  • You will gain new knowledge. You will get inspiration, the opportunity to share experiences, and hear about innovative procedures and solutions that have proven successful abroad.

  • Make new vital contacts, even at a distance in the time of the covid.

  • YOU WILL NOT STAY OUT OF EVENTS! Even at a time when recording isolation.

    In this year’s VI. year of Smart Business Festival CZ, our long-term focus acquires special significance against the background of the socio-economic crisis associated with the ongoing pandemic. 

    As part of this year’s program, we will take a closer look at the Czech government’s post-period economic and social recovery plans. We will be discussing how to use digital innovations, implement new experiences, and best practices from Europe. We will summarize findings and experiences from the Digital Transformation 2020 regional series and exclusively in one place for the first time. We will present all Czech candidates for European digital innovation hubs.

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As part of this year's program, we will, among other things, bring new experiences and good practices from Europe, summarize findings and experiences from the regional series Digital Transformation 2020 and present all Czech digital innovation hubs exclusively in one place.

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